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Declaration of Custody Trust (sometimes called a 'Bare Trust') for SMSF Limited Recourse Borrowing purposes.

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Important information

Please be aware that banks often have different requirements regarding the terms of the deed of a Declaration of Custody Trust. We have submitted our deed to a variety of lenders and have updated and amended it according to feedback that we have received. If your lender requests a change be made to the deed,  contact us to discuss the possibility of amending it.

The custodian (trustee) for the custody trust must be different to the trustee for the SMSF. Banks usually require companies to act as custodian of the custody trust and trustee of the SMSF, rather than individuals. Please ensure  the corporate trustee, if you are using one, is registered before ordering this Custody Trust.

If the SMSF  has individual trustees, your lender may require a change the trustees. You can order the company and change of trustee documents through Legal E Docs.

*Custody trusts do not require an ABN/TFN application. 

Please contact our office on 03 8516 5363 if you have any queries.

What you receive

Your electronic documents will include the following:

  • Instructions for Establishing the Trust
  • Minute of Meeting of Directors;
  • The Trust Deed;
  • The Schedule to the Trust Deed.

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What is a custody Trust?

Are you are setting up a custody trust for a client? Make sure they know exactly what a custody trust is by sending them a link to our video below.

We also have the Guide to Custody Trusts available in eBook and PDF format.

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