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SMSF Websites


There is a huge amount of quality information available on the internet to help you understand SMSFs better, and to help you provide better SMSF services to your clients.

Some websites we recommend you add to your favourites list are:

 DBA's SMSF News A high quality SMSF newsletter produced each month by Daniel Butler and his team of solicitors. Highly recommended, with a back catalogue from 2004
 Australian Investors Association A library of SMSF intelligence, added to on a monthly basis and highly recommended for anyone interested in SMSFs.
 Bendzulla Actuarial, Consulting Actuaries A competent summary of the main issues facing SMSFs, prepared by leading SMSF actuaries.
 ATO Super Funds An up-to-date account of the ATO's view on SMSFs including new developments and topical issues.
 Holding Redlich A website providing links to interesting articles and materials covering all aspects of superannuation including SMSFs.