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General information

Hybrid trusts are also a popular form of trust within Australia. Hybrid trusts combine features of a unit trust with features of a discretionary trust. Hybrid trusts are used for a variety of purposes, including the following;

  • To operate small businesses where the owners do not have a commonality of interests;
  • To purchase and hold investments; and/or
  • To own shares in an investment company.

What you receive

Hybrid trust document pack

  • Instructions for establishing the trust;
  • Minutes of meeting of the Directors of trustee company OR Consent to Act as Trustee document;
  • Trust deed;
  • Schedule to the trust deed;
  • Annexure to the Trust deed.

You also have the option of ordering the unit registry documents – unit certificates etc. There is no extra cost for these documents if ordered with the unit trust. They are emailed to you separately.

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