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Deed of resignation &
appointment of appointer

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Important information

All amending orders are processed manually by our team. Please allow a three day turnaround to complete this order. 

Please use this form if you would like to resign your current 'appointer' and appoint a new one. Please note you should also amend the trust deed once these documents are done to ensure it is compliant. Once you receive the documents changing the 'appointer' you can go ahead and complete the 'amend a trust deed' order form if you wish to do so.

What you receive

Resignation / appointment of appointer of document pack

Your electronic documents will include the following:

  • The Amending Deed;
  • The schedule;
  • Minutes of a meeting of the trustee / director

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Document printing - Choice of two options

Premium Printing - printing, binding, branding: (option 1)

Basic Printing - folder and divider tabs only (option 2)

* The amending deed is a 7 page document. We recommend printing the documents yourself.

We do the printing for you.

  • Folder with  entity name and your branding on cover and spine;
  • 3 copies of the updated constitution;
  • All documents presented in a branded folder;
  • Express post delivery; and
  • A copy of your documents emailed in PDF format.

Add 80 + GST

Choose this option if you would like to save money by printing the documents yourself.

  • Folder with  entity name and your branding on cover and spine;
  • Labelled divider tabs;
  • Express Post Delivery; and
  • Emailed copy of the documents.


Add 40 + GST

All documents automatically emailed

YES! You will receive email copies of your documents.

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